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The domain names you register for your clients can go a long way towards providing profitable value-added services. We've built BccWebAddress to be a full-featured domain name including enhanced security features and a free Instant Web Page.

There's no better time than the present to get online. Securing domain names for you and your clients is smart and easy. A domain is the first step to building a website and can be used to personalize an email address, two key items for your client's portfolio.

The BccWebAddress provides many additional features that make it easy for you to manage your client's domain services quickly, easily and securely. You'll get an Instant Web Page to get your clients online while their website is under construction, enhanced security features to protect your domains from fraudulent transfers, comprehensive account management tools, and more. All with the backing of a strong, stable registrar.

Your reputation is important to your business. Build your future on the best products you can get from the original domain name registrar, BCC Infotech® — still going strong after 10 years. Search today and get your customers online fast.


Don't sit still for taken domain names.
If the domain name you really want is taken, choose one of our three options to get it:

  • Make a certified offer. Let us contact the current domain holder on your behalf. It's discreet. It's anonymous. And it's a great way to get the domain you want at a price you can afford.
  • Buy it today. If the sought-after domain is on our Resale Domains list, you can buy it today. No bidding or negotiations are required. Premium Resale Domains are registered names that are available for purchase from the current domain holder at an established price.
  • Place a backorder. Thousands of great domain names expire everyday. Search our expired domains list to see if the domain you want is ready to expire or set up a keyword alert to be notified when the domain becomes available.


Transfer Your Domain Name
Move your domain name to BCC Infotech, the original domain name registrar and a full-service online solutions provider. Domain transfers start from $19.00 per domain name and we'll extend your registration free for one year.

We're glad to help you. Please e-mail or call us. +91.99140.14014, +91.978.178.7000
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